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Privacy Policy & Recommended Environment

Privacy Policy

Ando Cloisonne Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") strives to protect information that can identify individual customers (hereinafter referred to as "Personal Information") based on the following policy.

Personal Information Protection Policy

Compliance with Laws and others

The Company abides by the ‘Act on the Protection of Personal Information’, other acts which are established for the usage of personal information and the guidelines of the related government ministries.

Acquisition and Use of Personal Information

The Company is acquiring the personal information of our customers such as their names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses, since we run the business of manufacturing, selling, import and export of cloisonne works, the general works of art and accessories. Our purposes in using the customer’s personal information are as follows.

  • To provide the information regarding some matters such as our products, service and events through telephone call, direct mail or email to our customers.
  • To run the business such as reception of orders, reserving the product, expense processing, import and export operations, repair, shipment and after service.
  • To conduct the surveys and questionnaires regarding our marketing activities, product development and service improvement
  • To contact with our customers in case of emergency
  • To answer to our customers’ questions and to confirm their opinions or preferences

When we are directly acquiring the personal information in the forms such as documents, we will specify the purpose of use. Even in other cases, we will notify or announce the purpose of use as well. The Company shall limit the use of our customers’ personal information only to the achievement of the specified purpose of use mentioned above, other than the cases that we have received a consent from the customer in advance or it is allowed by the law.

Management of Personal Information

The Company will properly handle our customers’ personal information by preparing the necessary measures to prevent the leakage, loss or damage of the personal information. Plus, we will do the proper audits on our employees in regards to handling our customer’s personal information. We also will supervise the outsourcing company to manage the personal information appropriately, when we subcontract work to it.

Providing the Personal Information to the Third Party

We do not provide the personal information to any third parties unless that is allowed by the laws - insofar as there is an advance agreement from the customer or it is in accordance with the laws, for instance, when we outsource the management of the personal information to the extent necessary to fulfill the purpose of use. For your information, we are sharing our customers’ personal information with our group companies listed below.

  • [The Personal Information to be Shared] Address, Name, Telephone number, Email address, Gender, Date of birth, Product purchase history and so on.
  • [The Target of Sharing Parties] Tanyo Corporation
  • [The Company in Charge of the Information Management] ANDO CLOISONNE CO.,LTD.
  • [Purposes of Use by the Sharing Parties]
  • To proceed on the reception of orders, reserving the product, expense processing, import and export operations, repair, shipment and after service.
  • To contact with our customers in the case of emergency
  • To answer the questions and to confirm their opinions or preferences"

Announcement, Modification and Suspension of Use of Personal Information

If you wish to receive a notification of purpose of use, announcement, modification or suspension of use regarding your own personal information, please contact with our help desk stated below. When we receive our customer’s inquiry for the announcement, we firstly confirm whether it is actually requested by the customer him/herself, then fulfill the request in accordance with the laws.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or opinions regarding our policy or management of personal information, please contact with our help desk stated below. We shall be your assistance properly and quickly when we receive the complaints from our customers.

Inquiry Desk For The Personal Information

Address: 5-6-2, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061

Contact: Tokyo Store, ANDO CLOISONNE CO.,LTD.

Email :

Arrangement of the Company Structure

We will conduct the internal trainings for the entire executives, employees dispatched employees and others to comply with the acts related to handling the personal information, guidelines of the related government ministries and the office regulation of the Company. In addition, we will assign the personnel who handles the personal information and do the audits regularly.


We will do the best for the improvement of this policy by modifying it as necessary with the changes to the related acts and based on our customers’ opinion.

Recommended Environment

Handling of Access Data

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