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Production Examples


Ando Cloisonne has been involved in numerous collaborations using cloisonne techniques, creating commemorative items using techniques originating from Aichi Prefecture, and has collaborated with many companies. Here are some examples of Ando Cloisonne's work.

Production Examplesのイメージ


Striving for the Ultimate in Japanese Aesthetics–a collaboration between dress watches and cloisonne

In 2008, at the request of the Seiko Watch Corporation, we began developing cloisonne dials. Adopting cloisonne for watch dials demanded an extremely high level of precision, so both companies collaborated in ongoing experimental research. We supplied wire cloisonne dials suitable for the quality of Credor watches. Since then, we have continued to produce cloisonne dials and are actively involved in developing new designs up to the present.


A Collaboration with Seiko Watches, Celebrating their 110th Anniversary

In 2017, we developed and supplied lead-free cloisonne dials for the Seiko Presage Craftsmanship Series, which were well-received worldwide. Furthermore, in 2023, to commemorate the 110th anniversary of Seiko wristwatches, we expressed a transparent blue hue using cloisonne techniques for a limited edition model. Achieving this with lead-free enamel was challenging and required the expertise of our skilled artisans.

TOYOTA SUPRA Cloisonne Emblem

Continuing the Legacy of a Cherished Car,
Reproduction of the Supra A70 Emblem

Responding to customers' desire to keep driving their beloved cars, Ando Cloisonne reproduced the Toyota Supra cloisonne emblem in collaboration with Toyota Motor Corporation. Despite the challenge of color reproduction due to changes in cloisonne production standards over time, after numerous prototypes, we succeeded in reproducing the original colors using lead-free enamel, leading to its release for custom orders.

Kyoto State Guest House Furnishings

Hospitality for Foreign Guests with Traditional Craftsmanship

Kyoto symbolizes the history and culture of Japan, and the Kyoto State Guest House, which opened on April 17, 2005, offers a warm welcome to overseas guests and deepens their understanding and friendship with Japan. The guest house contains various items showcasing the best of Japanese traditional crafts. Cloisonne was the craft chosen for the front entrance's handrails, collision prevention signage, and restroom signage.

Restoration of Nagoya Castle's Honmaru Palace

Reviving the 400-Year-Old Appearance with Traditional Techniques

For the construction of Nagoya Castle's Honmaru Palace in 2015, we received an order to restore the cloisonne door pull handles of the Jorakuden room and the bracket fittings of the ornamental door fixtures. We were responsible for the cloisonne work in both the second and third phases of the construction. The fittings and bases came from Kyoto, and a joint venture between Ando & Hazama undertook construction.

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